G3 Assured

The G3 Assured Report

We’ve created our own assurance report to offer additional trust to our buyers ahead of an auction, for all the vehicles that qualify.

What is G3 Assured?

G3 Assured is our 30-point vehicle check to help ‘de-risk’ the buying process.


Our NAMA qualified inspectors will perform a static check for common signs of issues and inform buyers with a further inspection report ahead of it’s first sale at G3.


The G3 Assured report is added to eligible vehicles and does incur an additional charge for the purchaser.

Upon purchase of the vehicle then buyers are given 96 hours or 250 miles (whichever comes first) to contact G3 should they experience a unreported issue.


Our G3 Assured product adds a further level of trust to the real condition of the vehicle at that moment in time.  This is especially useful for online buyers who cannot appraise the vehicle themselves.

An example of a G3 Assured report

Our team of highly skilled experts will test 30 elements covering:

  • the engine and its related fluids,
  • dynamic operations such as handbrakes and gears,
  • interior checks for warning lights,
  • windscreen condition,
  • tyre conditions

If you have a concern with a G3 Assured vehicle or an concern with an item on the report, please click the button below to register your issue using our form:

Raise an Assured Concern