Vehicle logistics

G3 Remarketing offers a nationwide collection and delivery service which includes evenings and weekends to mirror today's business requirements.

Our onsite logistics department has the ability to uplift the majority of vehicles within 24 hours and provides a professional uniformed service.

Irrespective of collection location, G3's network of secure delivery depots allow both fleets and agents to deliver stock at their convenience.

Do you want your vehicles delivered within 48-hours of purchase, with all the associated documents and in the condition you agreed? G3 Remarketing guarantees that our service extends where other remarketing companies stop - right up to your front door!

Our dedicated logistics team will ensure that whether it be an individual delivery or a transporter load, our competitive rates will be difficult to match, especially with the service we offer.

Monitor Progress
Remember that from the moment a vehicle is placed in the safe care of G3 Remarketing, its current status can be easily tracked using your individual myg3 access page. Information from the original inspection report through to the final signed delivery documents can be viewed instantly online.

Inspection services

Utilising a solus vehicle appraisal and inspection supplier tailored to our requirements, G3 are able to offer nationwide coverage at competitive prices.

Appraising vehicles to a bespoke matrix, all inspectors are trained in accordance with BVRLA guidelines and can provide onsite reports and collection within 24-hours notice.

The advanced Windows based PDA technology allows information such as images, damage costs and client signatures to be captured and wirelessly transmitted within seconds of the inspection, all of which is immediately downloadable via your secure webpage.


A comprehensive range of vehicle preparation services are offered by G3 Remarketing and can be tailored to our client's requirements. Our onsite valeting facility is staffed by one of the UK's largest and most respected contractors ensuring quality is maintained.

Smart Repairs
As one would expect, G3 Remarketing can offer a complete range of 'Smart' repairs to enhance a vehicle's appearance and saleability. The term 'Smart' covers vehicle cosmetic repairs such as damaged alloy wheels, cold metal repairs and small bumper scuffs. Our knowledgeable team can instantly add value ensuring vehicles sell first time, damage free and for their true value.

Accident Damage
Although advances in technology have improved the ability of our Smart repair facility to remove previous un-repairable damage, there are still some repairs that require bodyshop attention. G3 Remarketing has partnered with an insurance approved repairer to complete all levels of damage, providing a quality guarantee regardless of the condition.

Contract Hire Due to Expire?
Costly end-of-contract bills for excessive damage caused to company vehicles whilst in an employee's possession are increasing. The average cost can be in excess of £300 per vehicle therefore why not let G3 Remarketing repair any damage at a fraction of the cost?

G3 Remarketing offers a pre-return inspection and repair service for companies due to terminate contract hire vehicles. To take advantage of this service, please call our offices for further information and to book an appointment.


With multi-site facilities, G3 Remarketing can provide a range of on and off-site storage facilities to meet client requirements.

For a detailed list of all our off-site locations please contact our offices. If you are a current customer looking for an alternative delivery location or a new client considering your vehicle disposal options, G3 Remarketing's national coverage could meet your individual requirements.


With over sixty years experience within the automotive and asset disposal sector, the G3 Remarketing team has an impressive range of skills which could be utilised to benefit your own operation. Whether you require assistance with:

  • Selecting the best disposal route whilst minimising costs
  • Establishing an 'in-house' remarketing facility
  • Managing and handling your disposal/auction suppliers
  • Contract Hire management
  • Outsourcing your fleet
  • Migrating from contract hire to outright purchase

G3 Remarketing can provide your company with a hands-on guide to resolving these issues either on or offsite. Should you require, G3 can also offer a range of conferencing and training facilities at their modern facility.

G3 Insurance

Due to our unique relationship with vehicle data supplier Equifax HPI and Aviva, G3 Remarketing can offer free seven day insurance for all vehicles purchased through our online auctions. Driveaway allows purchasers to benefit from the comprehensive service offered by Aviva with no costs for a total of seven days. Terms and conditions apply.


Due to the diverse range of vehicles G3 Remarketing sells, some cars may have exceeded their manufacturers' warranty period. G3 can provide that extra level of comfort to cover your new purchase for up to three additional years. Please contact our remarketing team for further information on this service.

0845 190 6363