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Proxy Bid Facility

Notice to Bidders

Certain vehicles will be offered at a 'Buy-It-Now' price. These vehicles have been made available to be sold out of open auction to any interested buyers at the discretion of G3 Remarketing. As with all other purchases, 'Buy It Now' vehicles are subject to a minimum deposit of £500 payable prior to bidding (no deposit for account holders).

Please be aware that any lots which receive a bid within ten minutes of the close of the auction will result in an extension of ten minutes at the end of the sale. This extension will continue until no bids have been placed within the last ten minutes of the close of any sale. This specific feature is designed to allow all interested buyers the opportunity to place bids regardless of late interest just before the close of the auction.

What is this?

Our unique online vehicle remarketing platform allows users to place bids in two ways to match their internet access and user requirements:

Option 1
Interested buyers will be notified of the start and close time of each auction and they may wish to login at various points to place individual bids in an attempt to purchase a vehicle.

Option 2
Due to the duration of sales, buyers may prefer to register a 'Proxy Bid' which refers to the maximum value they wish to bid on any particular vehicle. This bid amount is stored on a secure server and is not known to either G3 Remarketing or the vendor and is only introduced should there be bids which are higher than your current bid. The system will place bids on your behalf upto your maximum limit. When this has been exceeded by another bidder you will be notified and offered the option to increase your bid.