Social Media Helping To Achieve 100% Conversion

Social Media Helping To Achieve 100% Conversion

With more and more inventive ways to connect with perspective customers social media has become an increasingly important factor in many marketing plans, the introduction of which has seen a marked increase in buyers for G3 Remarketing Ltd.

Social media has largely been regarded as a tool for friends and peers to communicate but recently many businesses have been using this to reach their target customers. Many companies see this solely as a business to consumer route but are these the ones that are stuck in the past? Yes, say G3 remarketing.

G3 have seen an increase in their buyer base since the regular use of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and in turn have an increased return for their vendors selling on their auction platform.

‘The ability to put your brand in an informal way right into the household or the hand of a perspective buyer is not one to be taken lightly’ Tom Marley Head of Operations explains ‘With over 175 million ‘Tweaters’ and 250 million Facebook users we identified a massive market place. We are aware that over 82% of the working age bracket use or are aware of social media in some form and even if they do not use it in their work life, they or a member of their family will use it at home. With this in mind what better way to get information across to people.

G3 remarketing uses social media in such a way to engage with potential customers and to get their thoughts, views on various points such as vehicle prices, high and low performers and what do people need to dispose of. Couple this with sales promotion it is an integral part of the marketing plan.

‘The introduction of this use has seen our customers increase by 10% in the first quarter of this financial year including many 100% conversions for a lot of our vendors’ Tom Marley continues. ‘What better way to promote and have two way communications with people 24/7 – Every business should use it’.


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