G3 Remarketing Collects VT Debt

G3 Remarketing Collects VT Debt

G3 Remarketing has signed an agreement with Blakemores to collect debt on behalf of a number of finance companies.

Blakemores will collect outstanding debt attributed to damage recorded via G3R's Inspect & Collect service and onsite inspections.

Initial results have been impressive and considering the type of debt, collection rates are currently running at c55%

"Collecting debt associated to damage caused to VT'd vehicles pre hand-back is notoriously difficult to collect however Blakemores have excelled and continue to deliver consistent returns for our customers.

Working with our RMS platform, we are able to monitor and report on the situation with any account, client access is also available online" Matt Dale, G3 Director.

G3 are extending this service to Contract Hire operators and expect collection rates to exceed those currently being produced due to the debt quality.

For further information on this service, please contact G3 on 0845 190 6363


0845 190 6363