TEAMG3 news - Tom continues his auctioneer training programme at G3

Last night, at the G3 Thursday value sale, we had a special guest appearance from a new auctioneer in training - Tom Hargreaves.

Taking his first steps towards becoming a G3 auctioneer at the tender age of just 23, Tom took to the rostrum as part of his continued development in the business to offer the first 5 cars for AvailableCar.


Tom has been a member of TEAMG3 for 2 1/2 years as part of the vehicle collections team and he's worked in the industry since he was 17, so has quickly racked up a lot of auction experience.

G3's Joint Directors Matt Dale and Amanda Holtby spotted the significant experience Tom has for his age and have prepared a training plan to develop his skills as a future auctioneer. 

Alongside his current role at G3 he has been spending the last 6 months on the rostrum during the sales to learn the auction process up close, and yesterday he got his chance to take the reins for the first time.

 “I really enjoyed my first time behind the microphone, of course I was nervous, but I’ve been up on the rostrum for a few months now helping with sales, so I knew what to expect", said Tom after the experience.


"I’ve had a number of training sessions, and I've been practicing with the other auctioneers over the last couple of weeks, but I was talking to an empty hall, so you don’t really get the full experience until you’re doing a live auction – especially with a room full of buyers looking back at you!"

Tom will now continue his development over the next few months, taking on more and more cars during G3 sale days to really hone his skills, with the long-term plan of becoming part of the auctioneer team full time.

"I just can’t wait to get back up on the rostrum and do it all again!”


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