G3 Remarketing's customer insight session

G3 Remarketing's customer insight session


G3 Remarketing – an online and physical car auction specialist – held one of the remarketing industry’s first customer insight events.

Taking place at G3’s Leeds headquarters, the free Q&A session was co-hosted by Melanie Chell, of Shoosmiths, a leading national motor and asset legal specialist.

Inviting used car dealers to gain useful insight into the world of consumer rights, the discussion focussed on customer remedies for satisfactory quality disputes, and what actions traders can deploy in response to complaints.

Melanie explains why she thinks it’s important for businesses to know their rights: “Many traders are unsure of the legislative policies in place to protect their customers, which often means that when a complaint is made, they misunderstand their legal obligations to rectify the dispute. This usually leads to the dealer either being too generous, or alternatively, wrongly refusing to resolve.

“So, not only did we want to educate traders about their obligations to the consumer, but also to share ways of resolving complaints, using methods that comply with the law – whilst protecting their bottom line.”

Melanie discussed a range of issues, from which party should claim the cost of depreciation in the event of a refund, to how much compensation can be claimed by a consumer.

Commenting on why G3 decided to hold the event, director Scott Cooper commented: “We wanted to support our buyers, and give them access to an expert in motor trade law. Shoosmiths often run training for the FLA (Finance & Leasing Association) and motor finance conferences, so they’re certainly the right legal firm for the job!”

Melanie finished: “Independent dealers and traders often experience a variety of unique issues, which need to be dealt with in accordance with the recent Consumer Rights Act.

"But legal advice can be costly, leading to many businesses not having access to accurate and specialist legal advice. So, we hoped to demystify this topic to help people understand the new rules and processes.”

The free event took place at 3pm on 22nd November, just ahead of G3’s weekly Tuesday physical car auction.


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