Vehicle Grading

the G3 Inspection Grading System

Using our bespoke AVID system, we are able to create a detailed inspection report and highlight individual areas of damage with more efficiency AND accuracy.

How do we grade vehicles?

The G3 vehicle inspectors appraise all vehicles before they go in an auction.  Using our bespoke inspection tablets, we issue a vehicle grade based on the estimated repair cost to bring it back to retail standards. At G3 our inspectors appraise a vehicle based on the industry standard of NAMA (The National Association of Motor Auctions).  This is in line with all the major auction centres in the UK, to give buyers and sellers a clear and consistent appraisal.

Are we NAMA approved?

Yes! We’re proud to say that all of our vehicle inspectors are trained to strict NAMA standards and G3 is an approved member of the association. NAMA (National Association of Motor Auctions) are the industry organisation setting consistent standards across motor auctions in the UK and their vehicle grading has been developed to add an additional level of trust for buyers across the board. Read more about NAMA here

An example of the NAMA Grading system on a vehicle;

– A Grade 1 would be a ‘clean’ condition vehicle both internally and externally with only minor issues to bring it back to ‘retail’ standards.

– A Grade 4 would have a series of minor and major damage, either externally and/or internally to repair.  For example; it may require a replacement panel.

Note: these descriptions and gradings are presented for reference only and may vary depending on vehicle make or model, weather conditions and appraisers assessment at the time of inspection.  We recommend you satisfy yourself with the condition of a vehicle before bidding.

G3 inspectors check vehicles from the NAMA standard of 2-metres with a viewing angle of 45° and 90° only – this does not include a bodyline check.  Our inspection software will take images of relevant defects/damage and highlight them on the inspection report where appropriate.  This is not a mechanical check and is completed independently to our G3 Assured reports.

Vehicle Gradings Explained (1-5 Gradings)

Grade 1

The vehicle is generally in good condition for its age. Could include minor external defects like chips/scratches with minimum refurb required for retail standard. May have minor missing trim items.

Grade 2

The vehicle may require 1 medium bodyshop repair or a number of SMART repairs with a low level of repair work to bring to retail standard. May have a series of minor repairs and small missing components.

Grade 3

The vehicle will require some attention. Eg; multiple minor, or up to 4 medium bodyshop repairs (for example 1 bumper) and/or 3 major bodyshop repairs, alongside multiple SMART repairs.

grade 4

The vehicle will require multiple minors and/or up to 3 major bodyshop repairs (for example a panel), alongside multiple SMART repairs. Excludes major structural components such as roofs).

Grade 5

The vehicle requires significant attention; it will including multiple major bodyshop repairs (eg; after a collision) and/or SMART and/ minor repairs, could include repair to a structural panel.

U/U Grade (Ungraded)

Some of our vehicles will be listed as GRADE U

This means they are either requested by the vendor that they are listed as ungraded in the sale (many of the vehicles in our Thursday sale).
Or alternatively, if the vehicle is uneconomical to appraise including major parts missing, if points exceeding Grade 5 criteria, or it could be Grade U simply because of its age.