Proxy Bids

PROXY BIDS – Remote bidding ahead of an auction

If you can’t make it to the sale you can add a sealed ‘best bid’ to our bidding system using our proxy bids system

G3 Proxy Bidding Explained

A proxy bid can be used as a method of placing your best bid against a vehicle.  This is usually applied when a buyer is neither in the hall or online to make a bid – essentially placing it remotely from another location.  By placing a proxy bid a buyer submits a maximum value they are willing to offer and it is then securely stored on our server with no visibility to the auctioneers or the vendors.  By doing this we ensure that all bids are fair.


Once the sale is underway your bid will be fed into the bidding platform against the vehicle, bidding on your behalf against both the hall and online.  If the hammer price falls below your maximum bid, the system will only bid the mininum amount required to outbid (either in £25, £50, £100 increments depending on the vehicle value). You will only pay the value needed to outbid the last bidder, which may be under your maximum bid.  If your maximum bid is below the bids in the hall or online, you will be taken out of the bidding.  You cannot amend a proxy bid once the sale has started (if you have a problem with a bid before/during a sale, please contact the office ASAP).

How to place a proxy bid

  • You will need to be logged in with a trade account in order to place a proxy bid.
  • Enter the bidding platform and select the sale that the vehicle is listed in.
  • You will be greeted with a catalogue of lots, select the the lot you wish to place a bid on.  This will open all the vehicle details.
  • From here you will have an option on the right hand side to add your ‘Max Proxy’ ahead of the sale, see image for reference.