How To Videos – G3 Website Feature Explainers

We’re building a portfolio of videos to help guide you through some of the features on our new website

With the update of our website, we’ve added a number of new features to help both buyers and vendors experience the very best of what G3 can offer.  To help navigate you through these new additions we are building a number of easy to follow videos to support you.


Track Upcoming Vehicles

We have thousands of vehicles listed on the website every day, using our new ‘Track’ feature you are able to create a personal list of saved vehicles in upcoming sales for you to view and download at any time.  Watch the video above to show you how it works…

Tracked Vehicles

Set Proxy Bids

If you can not attend the sale, or you wish to bid in multiple lanes at once, you are can leave your best bid in our automated bidding system and we’ll bid on your behalf!  Watch this handy video to find out how this works and the benefits to you as a buyer…

Proxy Bids

Buy it Now Vehicles

We now offer a number of vehicles which are available to bid on at any time in our new ‘Buy it Now’ sale.  These vehicles are accessible 24/7 when you’re logged in to your trade account in the ‘Buy it Now’ sale.  Check out our user guide to show you how it works…

Buy it Now