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Who are G3 Remarketing?

G3 Remarketing is one of the most innovative and dynamic electronic vehicle remarketing companies in the UK established to dispose of vehicles direct from fleet companies, finance houses and dealerships. With a combined 100+ years experience within the automotive industry and a growing database of 15,000 buyers we source the best vehicles from the best suppliers. G3 Remarketing sells thousands of vehicles annually from A1s to Zafiras and if you can’t find what you are looking for, call our sales team who will source the relevant vehicle. We are that confident of our levels of service that G3 will offer a full refund should any vehicle not be in the condition as described.

How do I apply for a trade account?

Trade accounts are Free. Simply visit our registration page (click here), fill in your details and hit ‘apply’.  One of team will then call/email you to confirm the talk you through the last step and giving you your online account details.

What proof is required for a trade account?

Before you make a purchase online or in the hall we require proof of your business to confirm your ID.  This should be:

  • A copy of your trade insurance (if you have a forecourt, you should have this already)
  • Proof of company address (a recent bill or invoice from the last 3 months)
  • A recent invoice from an auction competitor

Can I purchase a vehicle if I'm not a trade buyer?

Yes you can. G3 Remarketing is open to both trade and the general public and as long as you can provide the required deposit and are able to pay for the vehicle in full within 48 hours you are more than welcome to bid online or in the hall for many of the vehicles on offer. The only exceptions are the Motability Operations vehicles – as of 1st December 2018 private bidders can no longer purchase Motability vehicles.

Is VAT payable on the sale price?

This depends on the vehicle type and you will usually find the VAT status against the vehicle listing online. Commercial vehicles will usually be subject to VAT. Cars are not subject to VAT and the successful auction price will be the price you pay (but is subject to a Buyers Premium). If you are unsure, please ensure you contact our sales team prior to placing a bid.

Can you deliver my new vehicle?

Yes, G3 Remarketing can deliver your new purchase anywhere in the UK for a nominal charge, usually within 48-hours depending on quantity and location. We use multi-car and single car transporters as well as plate drivers.  Please speak to a member of our sales team to discuss costs.

How soon do I have to pay?

Regardless of value, the balance for each purchase must be settled within 48 hours. Payment of the balance must be made by BACS or CHAPS transfer only.  Ideally payments should be made on the night, using the payment window in the hall, to ensure quicker deliveries and invoices.

What stock funding do you offer?

We work closely with NextGear Captial to offer their stocking plans. Many of our buyers use NexGear Capital funding packages to arrange quick payments and collections for their G3 auction purchases.  For more information on adding NextGear Captial to your G3 account speak to our Business Development Manager Adrian Maclauchlan or the accounts team.

We also now accept payments through RateSetter dealer finance stocking plans, with a quick authorisation process in place to ensure vehicles can be booked onto your account efficiently.  If you would like further information please speak to our Divisional Director Scott Cooper or the accounts team.

Can I visit G3 to view the vehicles?

All the vehicles with full vehicle descriptions, images and audio files are available to view online as soon as they have been prepared for sale. Once prepared for sale, relevant vehicles can be viewed at the G3 auction centre from 11am on the sale day.

Do vehicles come with any warranties?

All vehicles are SOLD AS SEEN with any faults and imperfections. However, G3 Remarketing will highlight all areas of visible damage and subject to prior knowledge, will notify potential buyers of any mechanical defects.   All buyers must refer to our Standard Terms & Conditions prior to entering the auction.

The G3 Assured trustmark is available on vehicles that meet our criteria, giving them a 30-point mechanical report to help de-risk the buying process.

Manufactures warranties will still be applicable subject to vehicle age and maintenance records. All buyers must contact the manufacturer to satisfy themselves that a warranty exists and is not void, as G3 holds no responsibility for these warranties.

Where do the vehicles come from?

G3 Remarketing acts upon instruction from a broad range of finance houses, rental/lease companies, fleet providers and main dealer operators. We do not own the vehicle but act as agents to manage the disposal on clients behalf.  We are proud to work with some of the largest fleets and award-winning finance houses from across the UK.

Is my deposit refundable?

For new accounts, G3 Remarketing will take a deposit prior to accepting a bid on any vehicle. Deposits are fully refundable if you are unsuccessful in the auction i.e. you are out bid however should you make an offer which is successful, the deposit amount will be deducted from your final balance. No refunds will be offered if you decide to withdraw from a successful bid. As soon as a successful bid is accepted, a legally binding contract is entered and failure to complete the transaction could result in action to recover unpaid funds by the owner.

What fees are applicable when I purchase a vehicle?

Depending on the vehicle, the vendor and the location, costs for purchasing a vehicle through G3 could include; buyers premium fee, ‘G3 Assured’ fee, card payment fees or online fees.  Buyers fees are based on the hammer price of the vehicle purchased. G3 offer some of the most competitive buyers fees in the UK – we want you to make more profit so you come back time and again.  Please ensure you fully understand all fees before bidding as a succesfull bid is an acceptance of the fees required.

How do I pay for a vehicle?

Payments can be made at the payment windows in the hall or you can speak to the accounts team for assistance over the phone. Please note: we accept debit card payments, bank transfers and approved stocking plan partners.  Unfortunately we can not accept credit cards, American Express, or cash.

Who can buy from G3?

Absolutely anyone! Due to our high volumes the majority of the vehicles we handle are sold directly to retail outlets such as main dealers or car supermarkets. We also work very closely to a huge number of indepedent dealers across the UK. Alongside the trade, we also welcome interest from the general public, after a simple registration process (a deposit may be required). The only exceptions are the Motability Operations vehicles – as of 1st December 2018 private bidders can no longer purchase Motability vehicles.

Are all vehicles sold with a Vehicle Registration Document (V5/Logbook)?

Otherwise know as Log Books.  99% of the vehicles will be sold with the appropriate documentation however we may have to sell the vehicle with the V5 ‘to follow’. Documents will be applied for by G3 via the DVLA ‘Fast Track’ system. However, these can take up to four weeks to arrive from application. Please make yourself aware prior bidding if a  vehicle is sold with the relevant paperwork.