Buyers Guide

How to buy at a car auction – The Buying Process at G3

We make buying at G3 Remarketing as simple as we can…but if you’re new to the industry or looking for a bit of advice to get the edge at the next G3 sale, we have created this handy buyer guide to help guide you through the process of buying vehicles at an auction.

Before You Arrive

There are few things we think you should know before you intend to buy at a G3 Auction.  

Be aware that there may be over 200 vehicles in a single sale, with a variety of makes, models, ages, conditions and previous owners. It is always a good idea to browse the website catalogue for the sale online to see what kind of vehicles you may be interested in purchasing. Reading our ‘G3 Assured’ inspection information and the grading system we use, before you start will help you identify the vehicles that will suit you.

Make sure you check which sale suits your stocking plans and check the start times in order to arrive early so you have enough time to browse our vehicle selection before bidding starts.

Also ensure you make yourself familiar with our terms and conditions online or in the hall and ensure you’re aware of all the costs involved so you have no unwanted surprises on the day!

If you’re setting up a new account -make sure you register online first, then make sure you come prepared with:

  • the appropriate personal ID (driving licence)
  • recent auction receipt paperwork
  • a copy of your trade insurance
  • deposit (if required)
Read the G3 FAQ's
Common Auction Phrases

Buying In The Hall

If you’re buying in person, you must have a registered account before a bidding card will be issued. After arriving at our premises (junction 30 off the M62, near Leeds and Wakefield), make your way to our front desk where you will be either check in or complete your registration to become a buyer for this auction.  After clearing check-in you will be handed your Bidding Card with a unique number on, which will identify you to the auctioneer when you place a bid, which is valid for the duration of that sale only. You will also be given a physical copy of our Auction Catalogue with a detailed breakdown of the vehicles listed in that particular auction.

We recommend leaving plenty of time to browse the vehicles on offer.  Many of the vehicles are in our under-cover hall, although if it is a large sale there may be an overflow to the front of the building.  

All our vehicles will have inspection reports and details attached to the front windscreen, alongside a lot number in the top right hand corner – this will correspond to the lot number in the Auction Catalogue.  Many of our buyers will then grab themsevles a butty or cuppa from our on-site café and digest the catalogue before the sale starts.

When the Auction Starts

The vehicles in the sale will line-up in front of the rostrum a few minutes before the sale is due to start, and once the terms and conditions are read out by auctioneers the action starts. 

G3 Auctions are busy and very fast-paced so the key is to remain calm and hide those nerves if you wish to place a bid on the vehicles you have your eye on. Make sure when you’re in the hall, you’re in a place where the auctioneer can see you – they stand on a raised platform so this shouldn’t be a problem, but you don’t want them to miss you.  Be clear with your bid, nods or winks might not be enough if it’s busy, we recommend raising your bidding card clearly to ensure the auctioneer sees you. It is an auction so it’s likely bidding will begin at a value below the reserve value, so if there are multiple buyers interested in the vehicle then you will usually have to bid multiple times in order to attempt to with it as the price rises in increments via the auctioneer.  Note: make sure you stay alert and bid only what you can afford as winning the bid is a commitment to purchase the vehicle. 

Once the reserve price is reached (or is close to the value the vendors have set) on the vehicle the auctioneer will drop the hammer to indicate it was either sold to the highest bidder or sold provisionally, subject to terms.  Should the sale be provisional the G3 team will then speak to the vendor on your behalf to submit the best offer and negotiate on the agreed final value – this may involve a few conversations with both the highest bidder and the vendor to agree the sale value.

Congratulations, you’ve won! What happens next?

You picked your vehicles, you placed your bids, and now your name is against the vehicle.  The next step is to arrange payment. We can accept debit card or bank transfer as payment, either during the sale or after, or we work with a number of stock funding partners who can arrange for payment on your account quickly and easily.  

From the hammer dropping on the purchase you will have 48 hours to pay for the vehicle and all fees in full. You will not be able to arrange collection or delivery of the vehicle until payment has been completed. 

Delivery or Collection?  You can either pick the car up from our G3 Remarketing premises, or we can organise the transportation of your vehicle by our dedicated transportation team at a very competitive price. We can negotiate discounted transport terms for buying vehicles in bulk (e.g filling a transporter is more efficient than a single-car loader), please speak to the transport team before purchasing to confirm.  If there is a delay to the collection/delivery please also be aware there could be a storage charge for holding the vehicle on site.

Buying Online

G3 began as an online only business back in 2009 – so we know a thing or two about online auctions.  

If you can’t make it in person or if your based elsewhere in the UK, all our auctions are offered simultaneously live online as well. You can use our online bidding platform to place bids in real-time on the vehicles you want to purchase with a live video/audio feed of the auctioneers and the vehicle in the hall.  Should you have any questions or issues, we offer marketing leading ‘live chat’ during the sales.  

Before the sale, we have our Buyer Services team on hand to be your eyes and ears – if you would like a vehicle checking over, give the office a call and one of the team can be trusted to give you the truth (if we think the vehicle doesn’t meet your standards, we’ll tell you).  Please ensure to give us plenty of notice as this service can get busy in the run up to a sale.


Costs and Fees

There are many advantages for choosing G3 Remarketing, but one of the key reasons is our competitive buyers rates! We have some of the lowest-priced buyer fees in the country and we treat everyone the sale – whether you buy 1 or 101 units, we don’t discriminate – likewise, we are usually more competitive than Gold/Blue or other-such like discount cars from our national competitors.


When setting up your account you will be asked to pay a £500 deposit in order to get a bidding card.   If this is the case, you can then deduct this amount from the value of the vehicle purchased, alternatively, you can leave it on your account to bid again in a future sale.  If you are unsuccessful in bidding you can of course request your deposit back, in which case let the accounts team know and it will be returned back to you (usually cleared back in your account in 3-5 working days).

Buyers Premium:

As with all vehicle auctions, G3 has a buyers premium in addition to the amount due for the vehicle. This is a set rate which is determined by the hammer price and is available on our rate cards at reception or at the payment window in the hall. G3’s buyers premiums are some of the lowest in the UK, so we’re confident we provide our great service at a very competitive price. 

Online Buyer Fee:

If you are unable to attend the auction, there is a small Online Buyers Fee per vehicle for using the online system.  This fee is only applicable when an auction is both online and physical. Any E-Auctions, which are online only, does not have additional Online Buyers Fees apply but is still subject to standard Buyers Premiums. 


All G3 fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate and will be added to any invoice.  

Please also be sure to note the VAT status of the vehicles as additional tax rates may apply on top of the hammer price.

Transportation Fees:

If you are unable to pick up the car from our premises, G3 is able to organise the transportation of your vehicle across the whole of the UK at very competitive fees. 

We work with many national distributors to keep fees low, however there are additional transportation fees which come with this, please call our dedicated transport team to discuss with you further the options available for the safe delivery of your vehicle.

Buying Benefits

Buying from a G3 Auction comes with many benefits; choice of vehicles, lower costs and a friendly experience, being a few. 

G3 has been trading for over a decade and with years of experience across the team, you can be confident that we know this industry inside and out. We’ve built a process that our buyers love and we always aim to make it as simple as possible to source vehicles. 


As one of our core values, G3 operates very transparent auctions and always reports the truth about the cars we offer. With our G3 Assured scheme, on top of our own bespoke grading system, buyers get the full view of the vehicle before making a bid.


Our grading system is a score given to every car that comes through our auction and we offer a detailed breakdown of what needs attention. This means that buyers can see exactly the condition of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Alongside this we have an experienced Buyer Services team on hand to offer a truthful look at any vehicle you require ahead of a sale – our guys are ex-buyers themselves so they know exactly what to look for.


G3 is ideally located just off Junction 30 on the M62 near Leeds, and 1 junction from the M1. Its central location in the North of England means its easily accessible from all the major road networks, ideal for buyers from across the country.  However, if you’re located a little too far from us, all of our auctions are held online on our G3 website so you are still able to participate in every sale. 


We now offer 2,500 cars through our auction house every month giving buyers a vast amount of choice. Our strategic auction times mean that we have up ot 14 sales a week with vehicles for every type of buyer at a time that should be convenient. From non-runners to nearly new ex-lease, there is more than enough choice for all stock profiles.  We work with some of the biggest vendors in the country to build a varied stocklist for every sale.


Buying Rules for the hall

Every G3 Auction comes with a fast-paced, exciting environment. It can be noisy with lots going on, therefore, for your safety and those around you, it’s important to familiarise yourself with our auction hall terms and conditions whilst also being aware of a few simple rules:

Stay safe around the vehicles

It is important that you avoid walking in between the vehicles when they are being driven and marshalled by our team during the auction. This will both help to keep the auction running smoothly and on time as well as ensuring your safety.  We have clear lane markings on the floors to identify the floor of vehicles, please ensure you stay on the right side of the lines and only cross when it is safe to do so between stationary vehicles.

  • Please remember that smoking is not permitted on our site apart from in the designated smoking area at the front of the building. 
  • Sometimes, we may need to ask your age.  You must be 18 years of age or older to buy a vehicle at our G3 Auctions. If you are fortunate enough to look young for your age, please don’t be offended if we ask for proof! This is necessary to make sure that all vehicles are sold safely.