October Market Update from G3

October Market Update from G3

New data from G3 Remarketing shows that in October, MPV’s have seen a surprise increase in price, with nearly new Zafira Tourers delivering the best returns (around 103% CAP Clean).

The smaller car sector remains fairly buoyant, however less so with nearly new, higher value vehciles (£6,000-£7,000).  Cheaper examples such as Clio, Corsa, C1 around £3,000-£4,000 are still commanding good returns – average of 101% CAP Clean.  However the strong performing 207 models have seen somewhat of a decline, due to volumes especially ‘CC’ variants which have dropped dramatically. Values for the non-CC variants are around 94.5% CAP Clean, with the CC variants at 89-90% CAP Clean.

Segment value levels have dropped as the market continues to cool. In October, the best performing markets appear to centre around £5,500, as dealers continue to try and appeal to cost conscious motorists especially now we are in the run-up to Christmas

Mileage has seen a significant increase in October, with average mileage now standing at around 57,200 and the average age at 38.2 months.

Figure 1: Refurbishment spend and ROI – October 2013

Make/ModelAve Refurb SpendAve ROI in £ Terms After Refurb Costs% Improvement Vs Cap Clean
Vauxhall Astra£188£3676.01%
Vauxhall Corsa£156£4479.32%
Ford Fiesta£175£2878.56%
Ford Mondeo£199£4093.54%
Peugeot 207£123£3128.71%
Peugeot 308£212£44210.32%
Citroen C1£180£29910.06%
Citroen DS3£213£3876.16%
VW Passat£175£4194.05%
VW Golf£188£3414.59%

Matt Dale, Director of G3 Remarketing commented: “Volumes have increased this month by around 10% as stock eventually filters through from the new 63-plate registrations. Volumes are expected to plateau in November, but with overall conversion rates dropping, this will have a detrimental impact on values until early January.

“Fleet and lease vehicles values have dropped in the second half of October, due to the increase in volumes and reduction in appetite. Average fleet prices around £8,746, down £251 month and month.   Finance vehicles have also declined in value with average prices at £6,531, and decrease of £344.

“There have been some significant drops in the value of nearly new models such as Fiesta, Focus, DS3 and Insignia, with volume outstripping demand. In addition, Peugeot RCZ models are performing some 7% behind CAP values on variants, with prices in excess of £14K. Higher mileage versions look better value and remain popular to a degree.”