G3 are a Finalist in the Credit Strategy car finance awards!

We’re excited to announce that we are a FINALIST for the Credit Strategy magazine Car Finance Awards in 2020!

Our award nomination is for Best Use of Technology as we demonstrated the advantages our E-Recovery platform can have for car finance providers in the UK. Created in-house, with an R&D cost in excess of £250k, this end-to-end solution is a purpose-build vehicle CRM specifically designed for the motor finance industry to manage their assets.

The criteria for the award from Credit Strategy were:

The winning entry will highlight how a piece of technology – defined as any software, system, technology service or process innovation – has created a demonstrable commercial advantage for a car finance provider, either directly or indirectly (such as by aiding compliance). This technology may have been developed in house, or by a third-party provider.

Thank you to Credit Strategy for making us a finalist and we look forward to being part of the digital Credit Festival they are running throughout November – with the awards winners to be announced on the 19th November.

If you’re a car finance provider, talk to G3 today to see how we use E-Recovery to manage assets for many of the largest finance providers in the UK and how it could provide tangible cost and time benefits for your business – click here or hit the ‘Live Chat’ button in the bottom right-hand corner.