Affinity Sales

What we offer our clients
G3 Remarketing can provide companies with specifically tailored 'white-label' remarketing platforms to assist in the sale of ex-company cars direct to employees and/or friends and family. Vehicles can either be sold for a fixed 'Buy-It-Now' price or remarketed via a 'virtual' online auction all under the experienced control of G3 Remarketing.

How does it work?
All vehicles are inspected prior to the agreed remarketing date at which time detailed appraisals and costed damage estimates are completed to BVRLA guidelines. A catalogue of images is taken combined with a full audio description of the vehicles. This information is instantly transmitted to your individual online disposal website and fully managed by G3.

Your users have the ability to interrogate the information on offer and enter the timed online auction after acquiring a specific username and password which is supplied by G3 following your registration and is subject to our terms and conditions.

When a bid has been successful, a detailed post sale report will be available to view via including bidding activity and other management information.

The purchaser will pay G3 Remarketing direct and once fees have been deducted, G3 will then remit the balance to the vendor.

What if we have cars in a number of locations?
Vehicles can be offered for sale from an unlimited number of satellite sites and depending on the location of the successful purchaser, G3 Remarketing will uplift and deliver the vehicle to its new owner. Due to the selling process being completed online, the need to move vehicles physically to a specific site for sale is no longer a requirement therefore reducing time, costs and environmental impact.

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